Dolce Vita İskele

Dolce Vita project, which opens all the doors of luxury life to the end, is waiting for you to realise your dreams with its privileges that will enrich your life!

Privileged And Comfortable Location

Dolce Vita, located in İskele Long Beach, is surrounded by the beach and forest. Dolce Vita project, located on a total plot of 70.000m², offers all shades of blue and green together.

360 Degree View

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Your Dreams Reflected in Your Life

We are working not only to design a house but also to carry your life beyond your dreams. We aim to increase your living standards with our various and enjoyable activity areas.


A Little Bit Of Everything And An Abundance Of a Very Sweet Life

Dolce Vita project, which opens all the doors of luxury life to the end, is waiting for you to realise your dreams with its privileges that will enrich your life! Located in the centre of the magnificent nature of İskele, Dolce Vita offers various opportunities to its visitors and investors with different residences and commercial area options.

A Unique Nature In The Heart Of The Mediterranean

Dolce Vita offers an inutterable life space with the unique air and sea of İskele Long Beach, the rising value of Northern Cyprus, the pearl of the Mediterranean. İskele Long Beach, which is easily accessible from all over the island, is located in a magnificent location and at the same time attracts attention with its settlement away from the noise of the city.

Happy Details

Our apartments, which are carefully designed in accordance with the architecture of the region, aim to increase your quality of life.

All Details to Make You Happy Together

Our project, which is planned to improve your quality of life, integrates modernity and comfort into every moment of your life with hot tub, security camera, central generator, automatic entrance gate, private garden, terrace, car park, central hydrophore system, satellite, central purification system, air conditioning system, site security.

M² Project Area


M² Social Facility


















Spa Center

Game Club

Vitamin Bar


Basketball Court

Cafe Bar

Terrace Cafe Bar

Swimming Pool

Walking Path

Green Zone

Tennis Court

General Characteristics

Jacuzzi (Optional


Security Camera

Central Generator

Automatic Entrance Gate

Private Garden


Parking Lot

Hydrophore System

Central Satellite

Central Treatment System

Air Conditioner (Optional)

Site Security

Floor Plans

Dolce Vita İskele invites you to an experience you have never experienced before! Designed to be comfortable and convenient, the floor plans of our flats prioritise the quality of life.

Delivery and Conditions

Payment Plan 1

  • 5% Deposit
  • 35% Down Payment in Front
  • 30% Until Handover (36 months term)
  • 35% Handover Payment

Payment Plan 2

  • 5% Deposit
  • 35% Down Payment in Front
  • 40% Until Handover (36 months term)
  • 20% Handover Payment

Payment Plan 3

  • For 80% down payment
  • 5% of the down payment is discounted.
  • 20% Handover Payment

Reserve Terms

The Deposit Fee is a minimum of 5% of the total flat price, valid for 7 days from the date of payment.

Project Delivery

Key Handover Time 2027

Transformer Contribution Share

1+0 – £ 1800
1+1 – £ 2000
2+1 – £ 2200
3+1 – £ 2400

Rental Management

In the project, the Rental Management Office will provide services.

Dues will Start From

£ 80.-/ Monthly.


Payment Plans of Our Projects

As Global, we offer different payment plans specifically for the real estate you want to purchase. You can make your payments with different options during your payment plan, which we have tailored specifically to your financial plans and budget.

In addition to bank loans, you can facilitate your payment process with many options such as medium and long-term payment plans and barter payments.

All units are eligible for Bank Loans up to 120 months maturity.

You can contact us to determine your specific payment plan and get more detailed information about payment methods.

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