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As Akol Global, we have been creating added value for our clients and the economy of Northern Cyprus since 2003 through our collection of real estate projects which we have designed and developed.

Human and Life Since 2003

Akol Global has been a competitor in the construction sector in Northern Cyprus since its establishment in 2003. Over the years, AKOL Global has become one of the leading construction companies in North Cyprus by creating profitable projects with architectural designs constructed with care in every detail, prioritising customer satisfaction without compromising on quality.

In line with the needs of local and foreign investors, Akol Group of Companies, which produces luxury housing, residence, housing, superstructure, and industrial projects, has succeeded in increasing the quality of life of its clients by taking inspiration from the natural beauty of North Cyprus in all of its projects and blending them into sustainable projects with the help of modern technologies.

Akol Global consistently proves its success by securing its real estate projects with bank guarantees and on-time delivery. Providing risk-free and fast returns, Akol Global is a beacon of light for foreign investors, guiding them to safely invest in North Cyprus real estate. This is why AKOL Global has become the preferred company for foreign real estate investors in Cyprus.

Akol Global rapidly expanded its fields of activity by increasing its brand value thanks to smart and profitable investments. As a result, AKOL Group of Companies now invests in an array of sectors including tourism, hotels, housing rental, real estate investment partnership, textile, media and after sales services.

Today, Akol Global stands out as a key player in providing reliable and upstanding real estate investments in Northern Cyprus, providing employment for 250 people in total consisting of technical and administrative staff as well as a core team of over 40 employees.

AKOL Global, based on planned urbanization and respect for nature, with the goal of progress focused on 'people and life', continues to build the future with confidence and pleasure with its strong financial structure.

If you’re looking to invest in profitable projects and elevate your quality of life in Northern Cyprus, we guarantee you will find the home of your dreams within the AKOL Global projects.

Our Vision

Our vision at Akol Global are making progress while focusing on “people and life”, remembering that a country is only as strong as the value it gives to its community, family, and the individual in a globalizing world where borders are gradually losing their meaning; to protect nature and universal values; to produce inspiring projects with a corporate-quality understanding that benefits from modern technologies and knowledge; and to be a pioneer by continuing to make a difference with each project created.

Our Mission

We take action through the awareness that quality provides profitability in the long run by; contributing to the development of the sectors in which we operate as well as the economy in all circumstances; to grow as an investor by expanding our projects that benefit society and the economy into different sectors.

We will continue to invest in our beloved Cyprus

Since 2003, we have been developing projects in the construction industry. Our goal is to integrate with the world and build the ‘homes of tomorrow’ without compromising our ‘people and life’ oriented approach to progress.

Through our solid financial foundation and innovative architectural vision, we create art, not buildings, in the regions we operate. We will continue to contribute to and support our country's economy towards a better future in every field. We will persist in taking part in as many projects as we believe will offer our clients the life and environment they deserve.

Akol Group of Companies Board Of Management


Payment Plans of Our Projects

As Global, we offer different payment plans specifically for the real estate you want to purchase. You can make your payments with different options during your payment plan, which we have tailored specifically to your financial plans and budget.

In addition to bank loans, you can facilitate your payment process with many options such as medium and long-term payment plans and barter payments.

All units are eligible for Bank Loans up to 120 months maturity.

You can contact us to determine your specific payment plan and get more detailed information about payment methods.

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    AKOL GLOBAL, which has been producing lucrative projects with its 'human and life' oriented vision and customer satisfaction priority since 2003, also improves the life quality of individuals with the real estate projects it realizes.

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