Corporate Identity Manual

As Akol Global, we prize corporate identity and its use as well as the representation of a brand and its principles.

Akol Global has succeeded in achieving countless national and international accolades with its values and the projects implemented. Since we highly regard our brand values both locally and internationally, we aim to protect our corporate brand identity by applying specific standards and guidelines at all times.

Each detail that is part of our corporate identity reflects our values and brand. You can access logos of the AKOL brand through our corporate identity kit, which we have meticulously prepared and made available on this page.

To access logos and vector images (JPG/PNG/AI) of Akol Global:

To access the PDF containing our brand colours, colour codes, and vector logos:
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Payment Plans of Our Projects

As Global, we offer different payment plans specifically for the real estate you want to purchase. You can make your payments with different options during your payment plan, which we have tailored specifically to your financial plans and budget.

In addition to bank loans, you can facilitate your payment process with many options such as medium and long-term payment plans and barter payments.

All units are eligible for Bank Loans up to 120 months maturity.

You can contact us to determine your specific payment plan and get more detailed information about payment methods.

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    AKOL GLOBAL, which has been producing lucrative projects with its 'human and life' oriented vision and customer satisfaction priority since 2003, also improves the life quality of individuals with the real estate projects it realizes.

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